Avoke is a trade focused professional sales partner.  Working in the traditional HiFi and Custom Installation sectors we work with major manufacturers to bring their products to market.  We are effectively an outsourced sales team, representing multiple complimentary brands.

Our role is to manage the various routes to market, to grow sales, but most importantly of all – business development.  When we visit the trade, we come armed with market information, we bring products that offer value (commercial and/or technical) in a system or installation, we come with products that offer sustainable business and we come to listen to your needs, requirements and issues.  Everything, in fact, a manufacturer’s sales representative should do, we just do it for more than one brand, maximising the precious time afforded us.

Avoke is made up of 4 field sales managers and 2 directors, one specialising in sales, the other in marketing.  We look to offer our clients a full sales and marketing strategy creation and implementation service, whilst offering their customers assistance in pull through.  We work with business development sales people, who are specialists in their field; we have years of CI and HiFi experience between us.  This is why we are very selective about the brands we work with.

If you have any questions about the brands please get in touch.  We’d love to work with you and I’m confident that we can have a positive impact on your business.