About Tangent

Danish design since 1996.  On their own website Tangent claim that they make real speakers for real people.  We wholeheartedly agree.  At the 2016 Bristol Sound & Vision Show we astounded the visitors, not just with the look but with the sound of these beautiful speakers.  Tangent has always been characterised by Scandinavian minimalism - simple lines, but at the same time excellent acoustic design with a crystal clear and authentic reproduction of your music.

Tangent offers a range of table radios, with the latest DAB and Bluetooth apxT technology, however the real powerhouses of the current range lie in the Spectrum range of speakers and the brand new Ampster.




Spectrum X5 BT - featuring the latest wireless technology these speakers boast high quality Bluetooth aptX streaming.  This 50 watts of power package with analogue and digital inputs alongside the streaming from your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac provides the ultimate in connectivity.  Moreover you can add a subwoofer when required.  Available in matt black and satin white with walnut base plinths these can be wallmounted or simply put on a shelf (or stand).  

HiFi Choice also loved these, with the final conclusion of - The Spectrum is a terrific Bluetooth speaker that delivers the sonic goods with aplomb.

The Spectrum range was designed to deliver a detailed and accurate sound - for any type of music.  With a 4" or 5" woofer the Spectrum X4 and X5 passive speakers offer you stunning value for money as well as optimum acoustic performance.  


Tangent Ampster BT

Tangent Ampster BT

The Ampster BT was another hit from the Bristol Sound & Vision show.  Put simply it is a mini amplifier with a big sound. Boasting a whopping 2x 50 watts the possibility of connecting via various sources such as 4.0 bluetooth, AUX in, optical in, it also has other interesting features, e.g. when left idle on the bluetooth source the Ampster BT will go to standby and wake automatically when you start playing bluetooth again. The Ampster