About Elipson

Making sound since 1938 design has always been at the heart of Elipson. From classics such as the BS50, Elipson has been synonymous with spherical speakers, but more importantly the focus has always been on exceptional sound reproduction.

This short video explains the thought process into how new products are developed including the exciting turntable range – available in the UK exclusively through Avoke.


Elipson launched a new range of turntables for 2017.  We demonstrated the top of the range model, the Omega 100 RIAA BT at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show in 2017 to great acclaim, and we have seen award after award given to this model, culminating the Which? Best Buy Award in 2018.  As you will see from the picture below Elipson has retained it’s design heritage with a spherical shapes, including on a patented tone arm.

One of the many wonderful features of the Elipson turntable range is the ease of set-up.  Simply take the turntable out of the box and follow the simple video (link below) – then you’re ready to go – no fiddling with anti-skate weights, no measuring, just add the belt, put on your favourite vinyl and enjoy!

Alpha 100

There are three variants – 100, 100 RIAA and 100 RIAA BT.

The Alpha 100 turntable has a PVC chassis with a black matt finish and the pressed steel plate is covered with a felt to gently accomodate the record. The automatic speed control allows you to switch between 33 and 45 rpm ensuring a constant speed. The motor is sustained to prevent any vibration in the turntable, the tonearm or the cartridge. The aluminium OTT tonearm developed by Elipson is equipped with Ortofon OM10 cartridge and anti-skating. It has a very low friction for precise tracking.

The RIAA is equipped with an MM/MC phono pre-amp and the RIAA BT enjoys a Bluetooth aptX transmitter and Opto-isolated USB output allowing vinyl recording through a Mac or laptop.


There are five variants – 100, 100 RIAA, 100 RIAA BT, 100 Carbon and 100 RIAA BT Carbon.

The Omega differs from the Alpha range with its PMMA chassis, in black, white, red lacquer and new carbon finish.  The tonearm is upgraded to carbon allowing for better stiffness and less resonance.

The Bluetooth feature really does allow you to send your vinyl to a linked Bluetooth speaker upto 10m away.  This flexible feature enables you to place the turntable where it suits you.

The new Carbon models feature an OTT tonearm developed by Elipson and come with a Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and anti-skating allowing a better stiffness and less resonance.


Planet L / Planet M

The Planet L is the revival version of the Elipson spherical speaker combining high-end designs and meticulous aesthetics. As the result of 2 years of R&D efforts, Elipson has retained the best acoustic technologies for the best sound without compromise. The speakers are fitted with a coaxial 2-way speaker that make the perfect mix of high fidelity, elegance and design. Available in three laquer finishes: Black, Red and White.

Compact, attractive, and unabashedly audiophile, Planet M illustrates all of Elipson’s audio expertise. Following in the footsteps of the iconic Planet L, this exceptional product draws on the best acoustic technologies and it has a state of the art design for uncompromising sound results. By the strength of it’s 2-way coaxial speaker, Planet M combines musical excellence and compact design. This is a brilliant product that will perform with elegance and boldness.

All too often you are limited to standard box or in-ceiling speakers, but with Elipson you can celebrate having sound in your room, with stylish and flexible mounting options, so you can enjoy the form as much as your music.

Prestige Facet 6BT

The Presige Facet 6BT Speakers are the smallest model in the new Facet range. These active speakers boast 2x 70W amplifer, Bluetooth, Phono (to link to your (Elipson) turntable), subwoofer out and thanks to its compact size, it can easily be placed on any shelf or desk.

Prestige 8B and 14F BT

The Prestige Facet range is packed with award winners.  The 8B bookshelves won the Diapason Speaker of the Year in 2018 and continue to wow audiences world-wide.  The active floorstanders, 14F BT, offer phenomenal sound quality for the price.  Atmos speakers, centre channels, subwoofers and even dipole surround speakers make up the rest of the range.

Music Center BT HD

The Music Center BT HD is Elipson’s newest receiver. A revamped version of an Elipson classic, it boasts a black finish and meets the highest standards. This class-D amplifier features  ICE Power technology. Its power rating is largely sufficient (2×120 Watts / 4 Ohms) and a comprehensive range of connections is included.

In addition to standard speaker terminals and RCA inputs, the Music Center BT HD features an optical input, a USB port and a pre-out connection for a power amplifier. A subwoofer may be connected to the SUB output. This output features an adjustable filter which covers frequencies between 50 and 200 Hz, thus guaranteeing optimal compatibility with the main speakers.

It’s also compatible with the aptX HD protocol, which enables playback of high-resolution files upto 24-bits. The stylish circular case now boasts a black finish. The touch user interface is situated under the CD slot. The RDS FM tuner adds the finishing touch to this very versatile receiver.

This device is the perfect addition to a modern smart home installation, thanks to the Chromecast box which accompanies the receiver. This box allows the user to connect to the receiver via Wi-Fi directly from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, thus guaranteeing lossless and latency-free transmission.

To enjoy optimal integration into your living room decor, a specially designed stand featuring a cable path is also available.

Simply put, this is one of the rare ultra-connected circular receivers to offer a truly exceptional audiophile-grade listening experience.