About Onkyo & Pioneer

Avoke is delighted to announce the appointment by Onkyo and Pioneer as the distributor for the CI channel.

These two massive brands in the world of AV merged a few years ago, and we are delighted to bring you the might and power of the Onkyo AVR receivers along with the experience and expertise of the Pioneer UHD 4K Blu Ray players. Ten years ago Onkyo emerged from the shadows of its rival to over 35% UK market share for AV Receivers. The same ethos lies in the brand today – exceptional quality, with the latest technology at amazing prices.

Pioneer has always been a household name in Consumer Electronics. From DJ equipment, to Car Audio, to Headphones, to 2 channel, to AVR and now to Blu Ray players Pioneer gives peace of mind wrapped up in excellent technology. Whilst we offer the AVR and 2 channel within our range, the initial focus is on the 4K Blu Ray players now available to the CI market.