TDG Audio & Vanguard

Here at Avoke we are regularly offered new products and many of these are speakers.  So what made us choose The Davinci Group?

Like with so much that has driven our careers, it’s about the product quality.  How many times have you heard somebody say “It sounds good enough.” The founders of The DaVinci Group dislike that phrase. Many manufacturers are concentrating a great deal of time and effort on how to build products faster and cheaper with the aim of selling into more channels. This is a recipe for ruin and customer disappointment.

The DaVinci Group was founded by a group of custom electronic industry leaders to create quality products for the custom integrator. Their speakers have been designed by engineers who specialise in the custom market, for the custom integration expert, whilst bringing leading performance and value to the entire product line.

The group has created a business model that brings expertise, vision and experience with the goal of becoming partners with their dealers. To stand behind their commitment they also offer the best warranty in the industry – a lifetime warranty!  So, that’s expertise, quality, value and reliability – all the key ingredients for the UK installer.

The Davinci Group is made up of two ranges, TDG Audio and Vanguard, and with prices ranging from £99 per pair retail for contractor grade through to £999 for a high end cinema and everything in between – including subs, outdoor speakers and speaker switches – we’ve got it covered.


The following statement from Jeff Francisco, the President of The Davinci Group, explains more:

“When we set out to form a new architectural audio company we knew we had to be different. Fortunately for us being different meant just doing the simple and honest things that we know custom installers value.

We have spent our entire professional careers in the many aspects of the industry. We have been installers, integrators and programmers, designed thousands of custom products and sold products in every niche of the market. Along the way we learned what works and what doesn’t. Our vision is to take our collective experience of what is most valuable to custom installers and do all we can to give it to them.

So what’s the value? We offer exceptional warranty policies, excellent logistics and sales support and of course we have extensive experience in product development. We have won multiple awards from both the press and from integrators themselves in the States and we are delighted to bring all our learnings to the UK.”

So in summary what has drawn the best installers to use TDG Audio?

  • One of the most experienced teams of engineers in the CI speaker industry.
  • Better price vs performance than any other brand – higher performance at more reasonable prices.
  • GREAT profit margin on a world class product range that you and your clients can trust.
  • WARRANTY PLUS – our exclusive LIFETIME replacement warranty. If a product ever fails due to materials or manufacturing defects we replace it free of charge.
  • EASY and quick to install.
  • Our great sounding TDG SUPERSLIM in-ceiling speaker is fully featured yet only 5cm deep and is an installer’s instant problem solver when mounting depth is an issue.
  • EZ HoldTM Tweeter Bridges. You can hold the speaker by the tweeter bridge in one hand while climbing ladders and installing the speaker in a ceiling.
  • NeverRustTM Grilles. Our Steel Grilles are also Zinc and then Powder coated to ensure long term stain and rust free good looks.
  • STTTM Stereo Tweeters. Our unique dual voice coil tweeter out-performs inferior ‘twin tweeter’ products providing a more musical performance with less compression and distortion.
  • Europe based stock and service.

IWLCR-66 In Wall Speaker

TDG’s Signature Series is the ultimate in-wall loudspeaker system designed specifically for a dedicated home theater installation. With heavy duty drivers, Signature Series is ready to deliver a thrilling and dynamic performance for any Hollywood blockbuster movie soundtrack.

Engineered specifically for a high performance dedicated home theater environment, TDG not only created a line of speakers and subwoofers to be mounted in the wall but also created a line that doesn’t even remotely resemble the typical in-wall architectural loudspeaker.

The Signature Series is a unique new product that boldly goes where the typical in-ceiling or in-wall speaker feared to tread – a reference grade, maximum performance, professionally designed, dedicated home theatre.

Key Features

  • In-Wall Mounted High-Performance Dedicated Home Theater LCR Speaker
  • One-Piece Steel Frame Construction
  • Integrated Back-Box Constructed of Ultra High-Grade MDF for Performance Control
  • Fully magnetic paintable metal grill (factory finish: white)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Vail Amp


The VAIL Amp easily turns any Amazon Echo Dot into an in-wall high-performance audio source. The small fully contained amplified assembly firmly holds the Dot in an attractive wall dock that allows for accurate voice intelligibility and convenient light switch level access to the Dot’s surface controls.

Its high-power amplifier can be connected to up to two pairs of any in-ceiling, in-wall or cabinet speakers. The VAIL Amp becomes your in-wall volume control keypad, voice control, and streaming music source.



The Skybar™ Satellite features two front firing 3” full range drivers and a 1” titanium dome pivoting tweeter for side or surround channels. A third 3” reflecting speaker is mounted into an angled channel to direct the waveform towards a wall or ceiling for more diffuse rear or height channels. The Skybar™ Satelitte can be configured to provide only surround channel information, or both surround and rear or height channel information for a fully immersive home theater experience.

Reconfigurations are accomplished by connections on the back panel of either Skybar™ LCR or Skybar™ Satellite. They easily allow single channel or multi-channel configuration with the flip of a switch. Each speaker comes with a bezel-less paintable magnetic grill. TDG Audio Skybar™ LCR and Skybar™ Satellite, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 channel configurations and more from just 2 models.